Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Bows

My friend Jenny and I got together to make some adorable Christmas bows for our girls to wear for our Ward Christmas party. Ella wore the snowman and Eliza wore the tree. Aren't they just so cute. It is so funny to watch them on the floor together. Ella tries to play with Eliza but Eliza is just not to the "playing" point yet!  Ella is 8 months and Eliza is 3 months... soon to be best friends!

Eliza & Ella

Friends with cute bows that their mommies made.

Silly Ella

Little Eliza in her cute sweater.

Ella wanted Eliza's hair bow. Even when we switched sides... haha

Eliza's new favorite thing... insert hand here.

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lakeelers said...

Love it she is so cute