Wednesday, February 27, 2013

President who?

Today Eliza and I went to Hobby Lobby (best store EVER!!!) to do some decor shopping. Eliza saw this beautiful statue (the one at the store was small and bright blue)

Pointing at it she says, "Look mommy, it's President Monson!" I said, "Close Eliza. That definitely is a President but of the country not our church."

Umm... they almost look alike.

She was SO serious and so proud of herself and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess FHE is paying off but maybe we're not being specific enough. lol

A few seconds after that I spotted a picture of Christ at the last supper. I told Eliza to come look. With wide eyes she said, "Mom, Jesus is in this picture!"

Too cute. Then she was back to "racing" me up and down the isles.  I sure love my shopping buddy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bachelor

.... I LOVE The Bachelor. I'm not sure when exactly I first watched it and for quite a few years I was on and off, but since I've gotten married and had babies I am ADDICTED! I think it's because I don't have much drama in my life so I NEED to watch it.

A few girls from my ward and I get together every week and sometimes I watch it with my bestie and her roommates, but no matter who it's with it is so much fun and you can talk about it for hours! And then talking about it leads to talking about other things and it is such a good time.

Tonight my fav AshLee got kicked off. I was SO nervous because I kind of thought it was coming but didn't want it to. And when her name wasn't called and she didn't get a rose she did exactly what I have thought I would do ever since I started watching... she walked away. No words. Nothing. And she turned her head away from the camera.  I feel heartbroken for her.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

January 2013 Happenings

There are so many fun things to do here in Vegas.... I absolutely LOVE all of the rec centers and libraries. At the beginning of January, while Matt was at school, the kids and I tried out a new library (Paseo Verde Library). The kids love the kids center, puzzles and books.  

In this picture Luke is 20 months old and Eliza is 40 months old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and I LOVE there adorable personalities they are developing. Luke is such a happy-go-lucky kid. Don't get me wrong he definitely cries but he is usually happy and loves to do everything his sister does. Eliza is getting to be quite the drama queen. She wants to do everything herself and wants to be called "Daddy's Pretty Girl" instead of Eliza.

We were able to sign up Eliza for a preschool at one of the nearby high schools. She gets to go twice a week for an hour and twenty minutes. Since I am working and don't have "nap time" to practice with Eliza, I was getting so nervous that she was going to be behind everyone her age. Some kids can spell their names and other people's names and they are only 3! Well I guess those kids are quite a bit closer to 4 than Eliza is... but still. So I jumped at this awesome chance (plus it is only $90 for 4 months instead for $125 for one month.) Eliza was SO nervous the first day (pic above). She held onto my leg and hid behind me. Luke and I walked her in and the teachers along with the students were singing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and Eliza jumped right in. Later that day she told me she got to play in the sandbox and write letters. She has loved it ever since. 

Here in Vegas we get to go to the park in JANUARY! What the heck?!? I know you're jealous.

For Christmas Grandma Hawley got Eliza dance classes... 6 weeks of Princess Dance classes to be exact. She also got this adorable Cinderella (her fav) ballet outfit. Eliza was SO excited for her classes to start and she couldn't stop talking about it. On the first day Matt was able to come with us so we could watch Eliza's dancing debut. Of course she sat on the floor in the class and did NOTHING... Not one single thing. After a few minutes the teacher came out and asked if I wanted to join the class. So in I went to make a complete fool of myself. Ha. Even with me holding her hand Eliza was hesitant to do anything. Both Matt and I were frustrated and just hoped that she would only be nervous that first day. When we got into the car we asked her why she was so scared but she didn't have an answer. It was her very first time doing anything without me or someone she knew being there. She told us that she didn't have ballerina slippers like the rest of the girls so we pulled a bribe out of the air and told her if she participated next time then we would get her some slippers.

All week we talked about dance and for FHE we practice the dance moves she was learning. I took her to dance by herself the next time and at the last minute I broke down and said... We can go for ice cream right after if you participate and have fun! Well, it worked. Eliza was like a different girl that time and is enjoying everything she learns.

January is also the first time that Luke went to Nursery without Eliza because Eliza is now a SUNBEAM! Eliza has wanted to be a Sunbeam for what seems to be an eternity. Every single night we sing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" while we rock her before bed. Of course she didn't want her daddy to leave her to sit by her class by herself but after a few minutes she was okay. 
Luke had zero problems going to Nursery without Eliza. When they do circle time he sits there with his legs stretched out and he is just so adorable.

A few weeks into the month I asked a girl in my ward to cut my hair and Luke's hair... I had put it off for so long because I didn't want him to be a little boy instead of a baby. And everyone knows that a kids haircut makes them seem older.  Now that it is over I wish I had done it sooner but I sure realize that he is now a toddler instead of a baby :(

In December I was given a Visiting Teaching route and a partner. The first time Kimberly and I chatted on the phone we talked for a good 20 mins and it was SO easy to just talk... I was so excited because her daughter is about the same age as Eliza and they are in the same Sunbeam class. On our first visit we talked about wanting to take our girls to see Disney on Ice by the end of the visit we decided to go home and get some tickets to go the next week. To say our daughters loved it would be an understatement.
 Kimberly, Kiera, Me and Eliza
 Eliza and Mommy
 Eliza and Kiera
The show started with the Princess and the Frog story (which Eliza and I haven't seen) and we were a bit confused and Eliza was a bit scared. Next was the story of Cinderella. Right before Christmas we rented Cinderella from the library and Eliza loved the story except for the scary stepsisters. Every time Eliza watches the show she wants to mute it so she can't hear the stepsisters or she just skips that part. During Disney on Ice she kept calling Cinderella "her princess". It was so cute and I totally got choked up when I saw here eyes light up.

There is nothing in the entire world as special as seeing your kids when they have that "magic" and "sparkle" in their eyes. It gets me every time.

   Last but not least was our quick trip to St. George to watch our cousin, Jaxson, in his Junior High play. The play was called Fame Jr. and Jax had an awesome part where he got to sing a solo to open the play. We were SO proud and impressed by him and his talents. It is fun living closer to Matt's family so we can share in events like this. Above are a few cute pictures of the cousins. The first is of Luke and Emme kissing baby Ella (youngest of the cousins). Next is a picture of the girls, Andi, Eliza and Emme with Uncle Kirt. Lastly a picture of how big Ella is getting, she will be 1 in May.