Sunday, June 23, 2013

March 2013 Happenings Part 1

March was way to fun and went way to fast. Because the weather is almost better in the winter/spring then the summer, we've spent plenty of time outside. Eliza and Luke LOVE riding their bikes up and down the street and to the dog park near our home.
Eliza's silly faces... great lighting.
And Luke's many faces... he is so adorable and just melts my heart.

The week before Easter my mom, sister and niece came for a quick visit. We had too much fun and wished they could have stayed longer. Eliza and Savannah are BEST friends. Eliza calls her "Nah" and  Savannah called Eliza "Zaza", it is adorable how much they love each other.
On Saturday we took Grandma Debbie, Aunt Kelsey and Nah to the Silverton Casino to watch the mermaid in the fish tank. The girls were in awe that there was actually a mermaid right in front of them. The mermaid came close to the girls and blew them kisses. They also loved seeing all of the taxidermy animals at the Bass Pro shop.
Sunday was St. Patrick's day and Luke & Liza wore their new Easter outfits from Grandma. The Lephercaun left green pancakes and green milk. Eliza pretty much is now obsessed with green milk and asks for it ALL the time. If the green sippy cup is clean then I put the milk in there because it makes the milk look green... tricky tricky!
Luke was not up for a picture with his Easter outfit so this is the best I could get! Ha. After church the Easter Bunny (nothing better then celebrating 2 holidays on the same day. lol) The kids had so much fun finding eggs. Aunt Kelsey has definitely passed down the aggressive/competitive gene down to her daughter. Savannah was so quick and got the same amount of eggs and Liza and Luke combined... Oh well, we all know the candy is for the parents anyway, so it saved me a few pounds :)
A few hours later it was time for Debbie, Kelsey and Nah to head home. We were so sad to see them go (I think Luke was more sad about taking his 100th picture) but we sure had a fun time. Having them visit made us look forward to our flight to Reno at the beginning of May even more.