Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Matt's Birthday Celebration

We decided to have a birthday party for Matt on the day after his birthday so that all of our family could be there, but we still let him open a few gifts on his special day.

Matt got the entire Calvin and Hobbes Comic Collection from me :)

On Saturday we invited my whole family and Paula and Aaron's family to meet us at Pah Rah park for a family game of softball, Pizza Plus, a pinata, and of course CAKE!

Here are the kids watching Matt open his gifts.

Matt got a cordless drill... I was excited because now he can hang up our curtains.

The Hawley Family

Matt and his b-e-a-utiful cake that we actually MADE... it didn't turn out to bad...

And it made a lot of cake!

Some friendly pinata action... this is of Megan and Sierra trying to crush the TRANSFORMER pinata.

It was a rush to gather the candy up.

Thank you to all who wished Matt a happy birthday... if you weren't able to make it, we wished you could have celebrated with us and we missed you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Reno Rodeo

The week after our wedding was the last weekend of the RENO RODEO... which of course we can't miss!

My mom and I love going to the Rodeo and try to go at least twice during the rodeo week. It's so much fun because even those that claim to hate everything country try to be cowboys/girls just for the week. This year we were only able to go once because it was sold out the first time we tried to go... but the night we went was FINALS night... it can't get better than that!
The smells are amazing.... the food is incredible... and the rodeo-ing is out of this world!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Matt's Birthday

Matt would just like to thank everyone who helped him celebrate his birthday. He doesn't really feel older but he is. He received a book from Kendall (the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection). He is really excited to read it but it will take him a long time since the book weighs about 30 pounds. Kendall is trying to encourage Matt to grow up but it seems he just keeps on getting less mature.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Back Blogging: Our Honeymoon

Matt & I haven't even blogged about our honeymoon yet...so here I go!

We decided that we wanted to go to a baseball game and to the temple while on our honeymoon so that narrowed down the places. Matt also didn't have a lot of vacation time so it had to be somewhere close... and I wanted it to be warm of course. So we chose San Diego!!

The first night we stayed here in Reno at the Grand Sierra in their new rooms. It was nice but we weren't way impressed. On Sunday we got up and went to church and then drove to my parents house to open gifts while some of the family was still in town... then we headed off to San Diego.
The first night we went to walked down the the Gas Lamp district and ate dinner and just admired SD. The next morning we got up and rode public transportation to Sea World and spent the whole day admiring animals and walking around. That night we had some desert at the Ghirardelli's ice cream shop that was simply amazing. It was so good that we ended up eating desert there the next night too! Tuesday was our relaxation day where we walked around and just hung out. Later that night we went to a Padres game (where they lost of course) but it was a blast! On Wednesday we packed up and headed up to the San Diego temple for some quick pictures (because it was closed for cleaning) and then went to the Newport Beach temple to do a session. We also stopped by the largest, most ritzy mall ever and ate at the Cheesecake Factory... it was delicious. Then we were on our way home to Reno.
It was short but blissful and fun!