Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandpa Baglin's 79th Birthday

Last week was my Grandpa Baglin's 79th birthday. Can you believe that, 79 years old? And he still looks and acts as young as he did 15 years ago (that's as far back as I can really remember him.) So tonight we took him and Shelia to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. My grandpa loves steak and had never been to Texas Roadhouse so we thought we would give it a try. Most of us ordered the beloved sirloin steak (it is soo delicious!) and we had a good time chatting. I told my grandpa that we were going to get him an iPod for his birthday but then we decided not it. He said "Thank goodness, I don't need any of that technology crap!" He is pretty funny. My family got him a computer and the internet 2 Christmas' ago and he still can't figure it out! He did have a good computer moment the other day though and had to tell us a story. He told us that he got a letter in the mail saying that he could get $25,000 by calling a number. So of course he called the number and found out that he only had 31 hours left to redeem his prize but it would cost him $59. So he jumped on the internet and looked up the company name... to his surprise it was a SCAM. (We all knew that it was a scam as soon as he said he could get $25,000 by just calling a number.) It was pretty funny to see how excited he was about his increasing internet knowledge :)

Grandpa & Shelia
Marcus & Kelsey
Dad & Mom

Because it was Grandpa's birthday we had to secretly tell the waitress, you know to get the free dessert! I also know that at Texas Roadhouse if it is your birthday then they bring out this mounted horse saddle and the birthday boy/girl has to sit on it while the waitress yells out their name and age and everyone in the restaurant gives a big "YEEE-HAA"! So after we ate our main course a few lady waitresses came out with the mounted saddle and man was it hilarious to see my grandpa mount that saddle BACKWARDS.. yes that is right, he got on backwards. We were all laughing hysterically as we yelled "turn around, turn around." Finally he got the hint after the waitress showed him how to sit on it properly. (She told him it was okay to sit side saddle even.) To finish it off it was so great to see the gigantic grin on my grandpa's face as we all yelled out "YeeHaa"!
Happy Birthday Henry!!

Our VERY FIRST baby purchases

A few weeks ago I went to Old Navy (ON) with my mom & sister and we all know how dangerous ON can be if you actually find stuff that you like. If you are me or are like me, you only find stuff to buy at ON once every 4 months or so... well that changes if you are having a BABY! They have some of the cutest baby clothes EVER. A few months ago I went to a shower for my friend Lisa and I got her the cutest little sweat outfit from there. Guess what?!?!?! When I went to ON a few weeks ago that same outfit was... ON SALE! So I bought the little sweatshirt and my mom bought the pants and two onesies for our sweet little baby-to-be.
Check it out:
When I was taking these pics Ellie seemed starved for attention, so I took this cute little pic of her.
A week after my mom & I bought the Old Navy outfit Matt & I went to Kohls. We went to look for a spring/summer sign to hang by our front door so we walked straight back to the decor section. After about 5 seconds of looking, Matt was nowhere to be found. Then all of a sudden he showed up with this frame! He was so excited he said that we HAD to get it. He explained that it was hand stitched and on sale from $24.99 to $4.99. Then he told me that we could put a picture of us so that our baby could look at it while in her crib and know that we love her.

How could you say no to that explanation? ha ha. I have to say it was very cute to see Matt so excited.

Reno Aces Game

Here in Reno a stadium was built for the RENO ACES. The Aces are a AAA farm team for the the Arizona Diamondbacks. Their first game was April 17th and we were able to go the next night to watch them play the Salt Lake Bees. It was definitely a fun time and we are excited to go to another game pretty soon. Here are a few pics of the beautiful stadium and us of course!
The stadium entrance.

Our seats for the night, thanks to Web Charles' baseball team.
It was pretty chilly outside and Matt & I were so tired from the busy day that we left after the 5th inning. (I just said because of the busy day, but it's really just because we are OLD!)

Kelsey's BABY Shower

On April 18th, my mom, aunt Trina, and I hosted KELSEY'S BABY SHOWER! There was great people, delicious food, wonderful gifts, mouth-watering cake, and of course lots and lots of baby gifts. The following are a few pics of the AMAZING event:
Yummy! We had enchiladas, 7 layer bean dip, California rolls and a variety of other things.

From left to right: Cousin Andy, Great Aunt Sylvia, Great Aunt Louise, Grandma Hawley, & Aunt Trina

From left to right: Molly, Kelsey, Crystal, Crystal's mom, Mishawn, Shelia
From left to right: Kate's mom, Kate, Debbie, Colleen, Colleen, Julie, Heidi, Mallory
Check out this SWEET cake... Mallory Grover made it. You can check out her creations at:
Kelsey also wanted to play 100 hundred different games but we made her narrow it down a bit. One game we played was guess what candy bar is in the diaper. This game is hilarious to watch because people are sticking their nose in what looks like a poopy diaper (as seen above:) We also played how many M&M's are in the baby bottle, present bingo, and each person wrote advice for Kels.
Here are just a few gifts that the mom & dad -to-be received!

Saying Goodbye to Casey!

My brother Casey is in the ARMY and left for Baghdad about a month ago.

We never thought he would actually leave though... and this is a funny story :)

He came home for Christmas for about 2 weeks and then went back to Ft. Lewis in WA state. He told us that he would be back for 60 days (or so, I can't really remember) before he got deployed. A few months later he was home and only got to stay for a few days. We had a family party and said our goodbyes and all teared up a bit because we weren't going to see him for a whole year!

To our surprise, a few weeks later he arrived in Reno... So then we all went back to the airport again to say our final goodbyes. Matt & I teased Casey and told him that this was the last time we were going to the airport to say goodbye, even if he did come back again (which we didn't think he would of course.) But then a few weeks later, I received a text that he was coming back AGAIN! Jokes on us I guess because after the weekend was over, we of course headed back to the airport! My parents even got to fly to Boise to meet Casey 2 weeks later... I guess he just MISSED US SOOO MUCH that he KEPT COMING BACK! ha ha..

Casey is now in Baghdadg and we miss him a lot but he seems to be doing well!