Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 2010 Recap & Eliza at 8 Months

Since I am a little behind I am going to do monthly recaps.... here it goes!

Eliza is quite a messy little girl when it comes to eating. At the beginning of May she was still sitting in her bumbo seat and would try to reach anything even kind of close to her and pull it to her mouth! She still LOVES technology and is now into textures. She will rub her fingers up and down anything! One of her favorite things is the texture of our bathroom door. I was able to capture some of her exploring one morning when I was getting ready. She has moved into #2 foods and she definitely is enjoying them. The berry mixtures are by far her favorite! She is also pushing herself backwards all over the place. She can't quite figure out her knees yet but she is close to crawling.

One day earlier this month my mom and I went to the mall to have a make up makeover done. We were both wanting to update our eye make up and it was hard to decide which makeup counter we wanted to go to. We ended up picking Bobby Brown because neither of us had ever tried it and it looked like their eye shadows were sold in bundles. The lady at the counter said that we would have to purchase a couple of items to have the makeup done, but she assured us that we would want MORE than a FEW. Of course we rolled our eyes and the makeover began. To our surprise we both looked like changed women and LOVED our new make up. I stuck to my guns and only purchased two things but my mom got a few more. They have this amazing lip gloss that I only put on 3 times a day and my lips are getting less chapped! Hooray... finally a solution!

I also had 3 new beehives coming into YWs that we got to make "Welcome to the Hive" signs for. And we also had our 3rd annual car wash fundraiser. The girls had a lot of fun and we made some good money for girls camp. Also, late in the month I was actually released as the 2nd Counselor over the Beehives and I was called to be the 1st Counselor over the Mia Maids. I am definitely excited but a little sad because I felt like I was just getting this organized and going with the Beehives. I will miss being their leader but am glad that I still get to be in YWs.

Eliza, Ellie and I have also started taking walks on the "nice" days. It is so fun to get out and see the neighborhood, and it's also very relaxing. Now if this weather would just shape up maybe I could make it more of a routine.

This past weekend my college roommate, Ashlee, got married in the SLC temple. My mom, Eliza and I flew to SLC and were able to stay with my sister & brother-in-law in American Fork. My in laws were also able to come up from St. George to visit with us. It was such a fun few days filled with wedding goodness, catching up with old friends, shopping, eating, and visiting! Man I love vacations! Ashlee made a gorgeous bride and I am so excited for her new adventure!
 (If you think I look a little tired it's because I am but also because I didn't have my makeup on yet :)

I also wanted to do a little justification as to why I was a blogging SLACKER for the past few months.
#1. I have a baby
#2. I work part time (20 hrs and mostly from home which equates to 40 hours between managing a baby and trying to accomplish work.)
#3. YW leader
#4. Starting a business with my friend Ronnie. Our company name is Pocketful of Posies Designs and we make boutique style goodies for little girls.  We specialize in bows, headbands, bow holders, nursing covers, tutus, diaper wipe cases and burp cloths (I'm sure there is more...) We are going to do a few craft shows this fall and are starting an Etsy business. I will let you know more details when they are finalized.

So I know the only person I am hurting by NOT blogging is myself (and my posterity of course) but I think those are 4 pretty good reasons! ha ha.