Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Fun Activity

So last week we had our young women's activity at my house. Our beehives are a lot a like but very different at the same time so we wanted to have a fun night of games and pizza to get to know one another. The biggest hit of the night was a game where I ended up becoming the 1st VICTIM!!! The game involved placing a penny on top of a tightly packed tower of flour. It's sort of like Jenga... every person takes a turn cutting away a portion of the flour with a knife without knocking it over. The person whose turn it happens to be when the tower falls gets to dig the penny out with their nose! (I had such a hard time explaining this game in words so I borrowed this explanation from my friend. Thanks Christy!)

Here are a few pics of our fun time:

Out of the three times we played this game 2 of the victims were leaders! 5 girls 3 leaders what are the odds?? What a fun night! 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 Months Already

Happy 4 Month Birthday Eliza!!!
Eliza was officially 4 months old last Friday...can you believe it?? She smiles, drools a lot, holds her head up pretty well, pushes down on her feet and tries to stand and loves to look in the mirror.  On Friday we had a date with Jenny Freeman and her two daughters. The girls watched a movie and then watched their mommies make hair bows. Jenny and I had such a great time chatting and making adorable heart bows for Valentine's Day.  Eliza was quite a pill and wouldn't take a nap so we had to keep her entertained... but we still had a fantastic time.

The picture is of Kylie holding Miss Eliza.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A few random pictures from 2010 until now!

December in a Nutshell!

This year was Eliza's very first Christmas. On Christmas Eve we spent a wonderful dinner at my parent's house with my Grandpa Baglin & Shelia. We enjoyed opening gifts and watching Ellie with her Snuggie on :)

On Christmas morning we were all so tired that we barely wanted to open presents and get ready for the day. Eliza didn't enjoy sleeping in her bassinet so Matt & I split the night sleeping on the couch with her sleeping in the boppy (bad I know but it was the ONLY way!) After opening some fun gifts including exersaucers, clothes and toys we headed off to my Uncle Kelly's house for a Christmas breakfast and to open some more gifts. Eliza & Savannah got a lot of fun toys and they each got a GLOW WORM... remember those?!?! We went back home and got prepared for the entire family to come over for salmon and filet minion and stuffed mushrooms... DE-LICIOUS! After our tasty dinner a few of us went to see Sherlock Holmes...a good flick!

A few days later we celebrated Kelsey's 22nd birthday at a new pizza place called Grimaldis... it is modeled after the Grimaldis Pizza in New York under the Brooklyn Bridge (which I have actually been to). The pizza was pretty good but they didn't have RANCH and I didn't know if my family was going to SURVIVE! We had a very fun night.

Thank you to all of our family and friends who made this Christmas season enjoyable and full of love!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Church has created this new site for Youth and you HAVE to check it out: Click HERE

And you HAVE to check out this awesome video about being CREATIVE: Click HERE

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A 365 Day Challenge

So I think I've been on "blogging vacation" and hopefully will get to it soon but.... I wanted to share with you one of my New Year's Resolutions if you will.

For the last year I have wanted to have one of those blogs where you take a picture every day and blog a bit about it and then at the end of the year make a book with all the pics. So I jumped in and did it and now I'm sharing the link with you!

So if you'd like to, please stop on by and take a look... if you would rather pass then no hard feelings :)

I do hope though that you take a moment out of each day this year to think the small and simple things that make your life worthwhile!