Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silly willy billy goats

On the way home from church last Sunday, the kiddies decided they needed to wear their sunglass... and they were being too cute to not take a picture of them.
Yes, Luke does look GOOD in pink! 

Lately Matt calls Eliza a silly willy billy goat and she get SO mad about it and says that she is NOT a silly willy billy goat. Tonight we were going upstairs to get ready for bed and Eliza was trying to fight us, Matt said, "Who ever is the last one upstairs is a silly willy billy goat!"So of course Eliza started whining because she was the last one on her way up. So Matt pretended to fall down and Eliza raced past him on the stairs. When she got to the top she yelled out.. "Now YOU are the silly will billy goat!" That girl has so much spunk that I'm not sure what I am going to do with her. 

By the way if I call her Eliza, she tells me that I'm wrong and that she is "Daddy's pretty girl" instead.

UPDATE: When I was 9 1/2 weeks prego with baby #3 I miscarried. Although I was and am sad I am also relieved because we (Matt & I) were not ready for a little one at that time. I get so tearful when I think of what might have been but am SO grateful that God has a plan and that He knows me and what we, as a family and a couple, can handle. I definitely look forward to having my third child in the future and am so happy to have the amazing children that I have right now.