Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family bike ride...well almost

On Tuesday we attempted a family bike ride. I really wanted to get frozen yogurt/custard from Yogurt Beach so we decided to try to ride our bikes there. Matt got all the tires pumped up and we got everything from the balcony, through our apartment, down the stairs and set up on the grass... WHAT A HASSLE! We even got Eliza buckled in and Luke in the front pack and as I started to peddle NOTHING happened. I mean my bike didn't go anywhere. After a little examination I saw that my chain was off.

I yelled over to Matt because he had already started riding and he circled back to get me. Just as he did his peddle fell off. The metal actually broke! So needless to say we never made it past our front lawn. :(

I did end up taking Eliza for a little ride around the complex and she wasn't too sure about sitting in the carrier. We tried to focus on the doggies and birds and she ended up being a good sport.

Above is a pic of Luke and Liza hanging out right before we DROVE to Yogurt Beach :) (Sorry it's small it's from my phone.)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today we went to an Aces (semi pro baseball) game with some of our ward friends. It is an even that the Elders quorum has decided to do every year and it is quite fun. We love going to the game with all of our friend, eating lots of treats and playing in the kids zone... oh AND watching the game. lol.

Eliza LOVED eating the popcorn (shown on my lap in the pic above) This was also Luke's 1st time to an athletic even and he seemed to like it as much as a baby can. He got to meet another new friend, Grayson, that was born on the same day as Cooper (Cassie & Danny's little boy.) It is definitely a season of boys in our ward!

Eliza got to go in the bounce house over at the kids zone too. She was quite nervous but after a little coercion and finding some of our friends she went in. The person that was assisting with the bounce house allowed a bunch of littler kids to go in together so they wouldn't be trampled. After a few minutes Eliza was in LOVE. She would not stop bouncing... so much that she didn't want to get out when her time was up. All the kids except Eliza went up the inflatable stairs to ride down the slide. We had to ask the Bishop's daughter to go back in and help get Eliza out. Needless to say she didn't go down the slide, I just had to pull her out of the entrance. That girl definitely loves a good bounce house!

On our way back to our seats we looked for the Aces mascot (I cannot remember his name for the life of me.) I was said I didn't take my camera with me because he reaction was quite funny. After the initial shock of seeing a big red furry animal, Eliza gave (insert name of mascot here) a high five and just kept staring at him.

So even though we didn't watch the actual game that much, it was still totally worth the outing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey's 22nd Birthday & Friends

On July 11th Casey (my brother) turned 22 years old! It is crazy how time flies and just like yesterday I remember Kelsey and I pinning Casey on the floor and tickling him until he cried out for mom and dad! Ummm... we probably weren't the best sisters ever! lol.We celebrated by going to my parent's house for a bbq. I have to share our family recipe for Dill dip soon... it is HEAVENLY! It's probably the standard recipe for dill dip but I'll share it anyway :) Dill dip has been a staple in our family FOREVER and my grandma usually makes it. In the last 3 years my sister has requested dill dip at almost every family function and it has made it's permenante residence on the orderve table.

We all had such a fun time talking and hanging out but I think Sav and Eliza got a little bored until they decided to play in Grandma's lounge chair.


These two are such goofballs sometimes!

All Casey wanted for his birthday was a gift certificate to get Scuba certified... so that is what he got! It will be fun because my dad and Matt are both certified and love scuba diving. The only problem is that the only place to dive is Tahoe and it is WAY to cold!


Casey wanted my Grandma's specialty cake, German Chocolate Cake... I'm not sure if I can ever reveal this recipe as it is a true Hawley Gem and if you ever get to taste it, you will be in Heaven!


Casey LOVES his nieces and they love him.


This one with Eliza is precious!

After the festivities I took some pictures of Luke, Liza and their new-to-this-world friend Cooper Crosby. Here Cooper is 10 days old, Luke is one day shy of 8 weeks and Eliza is 21 1/2 months.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Luke's Blessing Day

A blessing day is always such a big day full of fun times and loving people. On Sunday, July 10, 2011 we blessed Lucas Ivin.

We started out the day getting ready for church. Al and Linda, Kirt and the boys came over to get us for church. Noah and Jaxon just love Luke and Liza.


Matt did a wonderful job during the blessing. Matt is such a sensitive person when it comes to his children and he doesn't cry/shed tears very often except at a child's birth or blessing. I love that he is sensitive because it helps creates such a special bond. With that said, Matt didn't tear up at ALL but was slow and steady with his words. Luke was told that he would make a difference and be a great example. That his family loves and supports him, that one day he will serve a mission and bring the truth to many and that he may be blessed to be married in the temple to the one he loves. I am so excited to see this little boy of ours grow up!

During one of the talks my grandma (Luke's Great Grandma Hawley) was feeding Luke a bottle when all of a sudden he had a blow out... yep a full blow out all up his back in his white blessing outfit! I took him straight to the bathroom and my mom tried to clean up the outfit. The stain was only up the back so we put it back on and put a blanket around him... We HAD to take pics of him still!


After Sacrament was over my good friend Lisa took some pictures of our family and friends.

Top: Eliza, Matt, Luke and Kendall - Grandma & Grandpa Keeler - Great G & G Hawley
Middle: Great Aunt Trina, Great G&G Hawley - The whole gang - Grandma Hawley
Bottom: Aunt Kelsey & Cousin Savannah - Uncle Casey - Grandpa Hawley

We are so grateful to have such loving family and friends!

Matt had to have a "Circle of Life/Lion King" moment.


I can't believe that we have a second child all ready. Luke is such a sweetheart and I feel like he has always been in our family... I'm not sure Eliza feels the same though :)


After sacrament meeting we had a little luncheon at my parents house with delicious grilled chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit and yummy Nutella Choco Brownie cups (recipe here).


Our good friends, the Crosbys came too!


What a handsome little man.


And then it was time for our fun weekend to end. Saying goodbye.


Virginia City

Matt's parents and brother Kirt and his two boys, Jaxon & Noah came to visit us for Luke's blessing this past weekend. They arrived on Friday afternoon. That night we were able to get some Little Ceasar's pizza and go to the pool. Eliza just LOVED her cousins and would follow them everywhere and would do whatever they did.

On Saturday, we made a trip up to Virginia City. We packed a lunch and ate when we got there in the parking lot and then started off on our adventure. Our first stop was the Suicide Table. The table got it's name because a few people, three to be exact, took their own lives after loosing a lot of money gambling. Then we got an ice cream while we waited for the tractor/trolley ride around the city. I LOVE going on this tour because each time you learn something different. The boys loved the part where we saw two houses close together because the one neighbor despised the other and never wanted him to have a good view or any sunlight. We also saw that portrait of a lady with 3,000 silver dollars that made up her skirt and the border of the picture. Every time I go to VC this painted wall amazes me.


If you ever get a chance to go to Virginia City you should make a little trip. It is only about 30 minuets from Reno.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Small things

With children it is all about the small things! Today during church I looked through the tiny peephole in the nursery door to check on Liza and she was twirling, just twirling all by herself. I could hear the faint music and the words "Clean up, clean up" being sung and there my sweet daughter was twirling and her hands in the air. Eliza might be a dancer and if she is then I will know that her love of music and movement started at a young age. Sometimes while in the car she will do her whining "uhh uhh" just so that I will turn the music up. Once it is loud enough she will put her hands in the air and wave them back and forth.

She is also way into "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." On our way out to the lake yesterday she must have been bored because as soon as we started singing and doing the movements there was no stopping. How adorable is it to see your almost 2 year old trying to touch her fingers together just right so the spider can go up the spout, then make her hands twinkle like the rain and then up in a big circle so the sun can come out, all just to meet back together so the spider can go up the spout again.

Today when we got home from church it was all about the shoes for Eliza. Her little flip flops came off and daddy's clunky church shoes went on. She was quite funny lookin but she LOVED it and kept saying "Daddy shoe, daddy shoe" (always with a little pause in between both words.)

It's the little moments that we forget but that make being a parent all worth it!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last night...

Luke let me sleep for 7 hours straight!!! From 12:15 to 7:15 am. Man I love as they get just a little older and life returns to normal and you get to play with your little one a little more during the day.  Luke is 6 weeks and 4 days, that may just be a new record.

He was pretty tired from yesterday though. He welcomed his new friend, Cooper Daniel Crosby into the world (It was the first birth Luke has experienced besides his own!) Cassie texted me at 4 am, which was perfect because I was up feeding Luke, to tell me that she was being admitted and was 5 cms. I called my mom shortly after, who of course was her nurse, and asked how much time I had. My mom said at least a few hours so off to bed I went. Finally at 9:15 I got the call that Cassie was complete and to come in. Cassie did a wonderful job and Cooper was born at 11:02 am at 7 lbs 7.9 oz and 20 inches long. I was off on the time, weight, length guessing game (I guessed 9:53 am, 7 lbs 5 oz, and 19 3/4 inch) but that is okay.

 Cooper is beautiful and healthy and Cassie is doing really well.

We didn't leave the hospital until 2 pm with my mom and we headed to Wendy's. I have to tell you it felt like my mom and I had each had a baby because we were STARVING! I had gotten barely any sleep and my mom had just worked 19 hours straight!

After lunch, Luke and I picked up Eliza and then went home for a nap. Which I never got a nap because I needed to make a salad for dinner with the Willinghams'. When Matt got home we were off to the Willinhams, where we had an excellent time with Susan, Jon, Lincoln and Lucy and ate some delicious steak!  After the dinner party we were back at the hospital where we were all exhausted.

Needless to say we got home at 10:30 pm, Matt and Liza went to bed, I fed Luke and by 12:15 we were all sleeping. Uhhh what an eventful day, can you see why Luke was so sleepy :)