Monday, December 3, 2012

Surprise & Things my kids say...

Our family recently moved to Las Vegas so that Matt can attend an accellerated nursing program. About a month after we moved, out of the blue I was laid off from my job that I had been at for 5 years + 2 summers in college (so were 12 of my coworkers). Three days after that I found out in the ER (checking on my ulcer/acid reflux) that I am prego with baby #3!

Earlier in October my mom called to tell me that she had had 2 dreams where I was pregnant with TWINS!! This was WAY before I was even pregnant! I have gone in of an ultrasound but was too early and nothing could be seen.... so we are hoping for no twins but if it is then I guess our Heavenly Father truly does have big plans for us! This baby/babies is due July 9th and Matt will still have 7 months left in school, Eliza will be 2 1/2 months shy of 4 but at least Luke will be 2! ha ha

What a whirlwind of events in such a short amount of time! I might try blogging again but don't count on it. I just wanted to note some of interesting moments and some of the cute things my kids say!

Cute things my kids are saying:

Eliza (3 yrs, 2 months)

Finger nails = pingernails (She has said this for quite a while but it is starting to fade :(
Finger nail polish = paint polish
She calls us all "my best friend in the whole world" (courtesy of My Little Pony)
When Eliza was looking at our wedding video she said, "My mommy is a beautiful princess and my daddy is a handsome prince."
Eliza told our neighbor Robin, when looking at our wedding picture. "That is my mommy and daddy when they were a little bit younger."

Luke (18 months)
Only says...
Hot dog
uhhh uhh