Monday, February 15, 2010

A trip to Sacramento for Softball

Eliza and I went on a quick trip with my mom and Savannah to watch my sister play in some softball games. I believe it was Eliza's first night away from her dad EVER but we had a lot of fun. Here are some quick pictures.

Hanging out at the ballpark.

Eliza is a very noisy sleeper and we were afraid that she was going to keep us awake all night in the hotel so we decided to set up her crib in the furthest corner from the beds. The funny thing is I didn't even hear her once!

Sorry about these last two but I just couldn't resist. On Saturday Matt and my dad drove up to watch the games with us. Eliza had a major blow out that went all over her outfit and the only thing we had to lay on the ground (that could get dirty) was newspaper. Matt wiped Eliza down with the wipes and wen he lifted her up so I could clean her back this was the view we got! The newspaper had actually transferred itself to her bum! It was quite hilarious.

We had a great trip though. It was a little hard nursing at the open and very public softball fields but we managed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eliza eats cereal!

We were so excited for Eliza's first time eating rice cereal! I knew we could have started a little bit sooner but I wanted to wait for our pediatrician's go ahead. So at Eliza's 4 month appointment we got the approval I needed and we went shopping! Of course we needed spoons and bowls and cereal just to start. We didn't have our Bumbo tray or (what I call a...) "feeding bib" (you know the plastic ones that are really easy to wipe off and you don't have to wash in the washing machine after every use?!?!) but we tried it anyway. I let Matt be the first parental victim in the feeding game (Feb 4th), so I got to video tape. We have some great footage that I will have to put up sometime.

Eliza didn't really love the cereal and gave some pretty silly faces but it was a lot of fun. I'm sure it will take time but sooner than we know she will be eating Happy Meals without our help!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The RUMORS are....


I (kendall) have pneumonia. Bronchial pneumonia that is. 

It is quite a long story but I have been sick for about 4 weeks. It started with a runny nose, which I thought was just a cold, which turned into a cough. Which then gradually caused me to start wheezing (sp?) followed by coughing up lots of phlegm (I know you didn't NEED to know that). 


equaled bronchitis. Which continued and my doctor couldn't get me in for an appointment. Which meant I had to go to Urgent Care. Which resulted in a rather short visit, which surprised me. Which included a breathing treatment, a chest x-ray and a steroid shot. Which also left me with three perscriptions and a $50 Urgent Care bill.

Now I have to feed my baby formula which has thrown her off of her schedule... and we all know how that feels!

The good news is I don't feel too terrible and am still able to work and take care of Eliza. The sad news is, Matt isn't giving me ANY breaks and I still have to keep the house clean!

4 Months: Too cute in her Panda outfit

I just have to show these adorable pics of Eliza. She is killing me with her cuteness!

Isn't she getting so big so fast?? She is already 4 1/2 months!!!
Just a few things about Eliza at 4 months:
- She LOVES to stand up on her feet, she prefers it over sitting.
- She can move her toys from hand to hand and loves to suck on them.
- She sleeps between 10 and 12 hours a night withOUT waking up. 
- She just started rice cereal and isn't too sure about it.
- Eliza is FINALLY sucking her thumb. (the better word would be chewing on it but for Kendall's purpose of passing on a LEGACY we say sucking :) 
- She is the most smiley girl you will ever see.
- She can sit up nice and big in her bumbo and is trying to sit up on the ground.
- She is absolutely loved by all those that come in contact with her. (according to her parents)

Eliza's stats are as follows:
Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz (75%)
Height: 24 1/4 inch (50%)
Head Circumference: 41 inch (75%)