Wednesday, February 27, 2013

President who?

Today Eliza and I went to Hobby Lobby (best store EVER!!!) to do some decor shopping. Eliza saw this beautiful statue (the one at the store was small and bright blue)

Pointing at it she says, "Look mommy, it's President Monson!" I said, "Close Eliza. That definitely is a President but of the country not our church."

Umm... they almost look alike.

She was SO serious and so proud of herself and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess FHE is paying off but maybe we're not being specific enough. lol

A few seconds after that I spotted a picture of Christ at the last supper. I told Eliza to come look. With wide eyes she said, "Mom, Jesus is in this picture!"

Too cute. Then she was back to "racing" me up and down the isles.  I sure love my shopping buddy.

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lakeelers said...

Love your buddy and love that you are teaching her correct principles.

Love ya