Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last night...

Luke let me sleep for 7 hours straight!!! From 12:15 to 7:15 am. Man I love as they get just a little older and life returns to normal and you get to play with your little one a little more during the day.  Luke is 6 weeks and 4 days, that may just be a new record.

He was pretty tired from yesterday though. He welcomed his new friend, Cooper Daniel Crosby into the world (It was the first birth Luke has experienced besides his own!) Cassie texted me at 4 am, which was perfect because I was up feeding Luke, to tell me that she was being admitted and was 5 cms. I called my mom shortly after, who of course was her nurse, and asked how much time I had. My mom said at least a few hours so off to bed I went. Finally at 9:15 I got the call that Cassie was complete and to come in. Cassie did a wonderful job and Cooper was born at 11:02 am at 7 lbs 7.9 oz and 20 inches long. I was off on the time, weight, length guessing game (I guessed 9:53 am, 7 lbs 5 oz, and 19 3/4 inch) but that is okay.

 Cooper is beautiful and healthy and Cassie is doing really well.

We didn't leave the hospital until 2 pm with my mom and we headed to Wendy's. I have to tell you it felt like my mom and I had each had a baby because we were STARVING! I had gotten barely any sleep and my mom had just worked 19 hours straight!

After lunch, Luke and I picked up Eliza and then went home for a nap. Which I never got a nap because I needed to make a salad for dinner with the Willinghams'. When Matt got home we were off to the Willinhams, where we had an excellent time with Susan, Jon, Lincoln and Lucy and ate some delicious steak!  After the dinner party we were back at the hospital where we were all exhausted.

Needless to say we got home at 10:30 pm, Matt and Liza went to bed, I fed Luke and by 12:15 we were all sleeping. Uhhh what an eventful day, can you see why Luke was so sleepy :)


lakeelers said...

Love that you blogged again. I miss that.

Happy for Cassie. Good sized baby. She will be a great Mom.

Annette said...

Hooray for 7 hours! You must feel so refreshed. I can't beleive how fast he is growing. I can see some Keeler in him. I've loved Eliza's recent pictures. She has such a big beautiful smile.