Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Luke's Blessing Day

A blessing day is always such a big day full of fun times and loving people. On Sunday, July 10, 2011 we blessed Lucas Ivin.

We started out the day getting ready for church. Al and Linda, Kirt and the boys came over to get us for church. Noah and Jaxon just love Luke and Liza.


Matt did a wonderful job during the blessing. Matt is such a sensitive person when it comes to his children and he doesn't cry/shed tears very often except at a child's birth or blessing. I love that he is sensitive because it helps creates such a special bond. With that said, Matt didn't tear up at ALL but was slow and steady with his words. Luke was told that he would make a difference and be a great example. That his family loves and supports him, that one day he will serve a mission and bring the truth to many and that he may be blessed to be married in the temple to the one he loves. I am so excited to see this little boy of ours grow up!

During one of the talks my grandma (Luke's Great Grandma Hawley) was feeding Luke a bottle when all of a sudden he had a blow out... yep a full blow out all up his back in his white blessing outfit! I took him straight to the bathroom and my mom tried to clean up the outfit. The stain was only up the back so we put it back on and put a blanket around him... We HAD to take pics of him still!


After Sacrament was over my good friend Lisa took some pictures of our family and friends.

Top: Eliza, Matt, Luke and Kendall - Grandma & Grandpa Keeler - Great G & G Hawley
Middle: Great Aunt Trina, Great G&G Hawley - The whole gang - Grandma Hawley
Bottom: Aunt Kelsey & Cousin Savannah - Uncle Casey - Grandpa Hawley

We are so grateful to have such loving family and friends!

Matt had to have a "Circle of Life/Lion King" moment.


I can't believe that we have a second child all ready. Luke is such a sweetheart and I feel like he has always been in our family... I'm not sure Eliza feels the same though :)


After sacrament meeting we had a little luncheon at my parents house with delicious grilled chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit and yummy Nutella Choco Brownie cups (recipe here).


Our good friends, the Crosbys came too!


What a handsome little man.


And then it was time for our fun weekend to end. Saying goodbye.



thinkHP said...

he's getting so big already!!! and ew, what a blow out!

Lois said...

Kendall/Matt...Luke sure is a sweetheart (and, in my opinion, looks very much like a Keeler baby). Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Diana said...

Yeah! I love new posts. I just caught up on all the goodness is your life. What an adorable little family you have. Such an incredible blessing!!

lakeelers said...

What a wonderful blessing Matt gave Luke. I cried enough for both of us. Great family.

Love you all

Jenny said...

Wow! Great post. Love the collage pictures. You are such a great blogger. Your red and white color scheme for the blessing was also adorable!

Annette said...

Love your matching outfits. Your family looks beautiful. Wish we could have been there.