Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey's 22nd Birthday & Friends

On July 11th Casey (my brother) turned 22 years old! It is crazy how time flies and just like yesterday I remember Kelsey and I pinning Casey on the floor and tickling him until he cried out for mom and dad! Ummm... we probably weren't the best sisters ever! lol.We celebrated by going to my parent's house for a bbq. I have to share our family recipe for Dill dip soon... it is HEAVENLY! It's probably the standard recipe for dill dip but I'll share it anyway :) Dill dip has been a staple in our family FOREVER and my grandma usually makes it. In the last 3 years my sister has requested dill dip at almost every family function and it has made it's permenante residence on the orderve table.

We all had such a fun time talking and hanging out but I think Sav and Eliza got a little bored until they decided to play in Grandma's lounge chair.


These two are such goofballs sometimes!

All Casey wanted for his birthday was a gift certificate to get Scuba certified... so that is what he got! It will be fun because my dad and Matt are both certified and love scuba diving. The only problem is that the only place to dive is Tahoe and it is WAY to cold!


Casey wanted my Grandma's specialty cake, German Chocolate Cake... I'm not sure if I can ever reveal this recipe as it is a true Hawley Gem and if you ever get to taste it, you will be in Heaven!


Casey LOVES his nieces and they love him.


This one with Eliza is precious!

After the festivities I took some pictures of Luke, Liza and their new-to-this-world friend Cooper Crosby. Here Cooper is 10 days old, Luke is one day shy of 8 weeks and Eliza is 21 1/2 months.



lakeelers said...

Love them love them. Thanks for sharing. Luke looks even bigger than when we were there.

Annette said...

So precious. Eliza looks so happy! Can't wait to meet Luke.