Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family bike ride...well almost

On Tuesday we attempted a family bike ride. I really wanted to get frozen yogurt/custard from Yogurt Beach so we decided to try to ride our bikes there. Matt got all the tires pumped up and we got everything from the balcony, through our apartment, down the stairs and set up on the grass... WHAT A HASSLE! We even got Eliza buckled in and Luke in the front pack and as I started to peddle NOTHING happened. I mean my bike didn't go anywhere. After a little examination I saw that my chain was off.

I yelled over to Matt because he had already started riding and he circled back to get me. Just as he did his peddle fell off. The metal actually broke! So needless to say we never made it past our front lawn. :(

I did end up taking Eliza for a little ride around the complex and she wasn't too sure about sitting in the carrier. We tried to focus on the doggies and birds and she ended up being a good sport.

Above is a pic of Luke and Liza hanging out right before we DROVE to Yogurt Beach :) (Sorry it's small it's from my phone.)

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lakeelers said...

Any posts I love you know and a little picture is always a blessing to us. SSSSooooo cute our grandkids