Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sugar Cookies with Great Grandma Hawley!

Here I am back blogging again!! A few weeks before Halloween Eliza & I went over to my Grandma Hawley's house to help her make her infamous pumpkin sugar cookies. Eliza was quite good and spent most of the time sleeping in the swing while we enjoyed eating hot dogs, rolling dough, baking and frosting our cookies.

At first I made mine thinner than I was supposed to but they turned out alright, the next few batches were thick and DELICIOUS though! Here you can see our beautiful decorating skills :)

Lots and lots of cookies.
Eliza woke up just in time to eat some left over frosting and try a cookie :) Just kidding.
Great Grandma Hawley and Eliza's first baking experience. My grandma has the cutest picture of me helping her in the kitchen when I was younger and I wish I had a scanner to show you! Hopefully Eliza will get many more chances in the future to hone her baking skills!
Mommy & Eliza.
Great Grandpa Hawley didn't help make the cookies but he helped EAT them :) No, he hadn't even had one by the time I left... what was he thinking, those cookies go fast around this family! GGpa Hawley had a shingles vaccination before Eliza was born so he couldn't hold her at the hospital, but he is grateful that he can hold her now and so are we!

You know parents always say that the reason they have children is to have grandchildren. Well I think my grandparents had children so that they could have grandchildren so they could have great grandchildren :) Thanks Gram for letting us come over and help... hopefully we can do more baking, candy making or (cooking in general) real soon. Gram & Gramps your the best!
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Annette said...

We can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving. It will be so fun to see Eliza in person. She looks so cuddly and cute.


Morgan said...

What a fun day! I love Eliza's headband! So cute!