Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our New Car

Last night, Matt & I purchased our very first car together! It was quite a long journey of searching and test driving and talking to salesman and saying no, walking away and wondering if we did the right thing.... but we finally found it!

Luckily my dad knows some nice people in the business and he called up his friend at Lexus to see what they had. We picked out a few online and I went and met with a salesWOMAN who was the best salesperson I have ever met. She told me her honest opinion of the cars we were looking at and had done research to see what the ratings were. She was very knowledgeable and told me, "I wouldn't sell you a car that I wouldn't buy myself." Can you say "it's about time we find an honest salesperson!!!"

On Thursday night I took an 08 Toyota Highlander home and was pretty sold on it, but Matt wasn't. We went back on Friday and they let us take the 07 Ford Edge for the day. Later they called and said someone was about to purchase the Highlander so we decided on getting the Edge. We went back later last night and signed the papers and we are now a proud owner of a 07 Ford Edge... and I love it!

Just a short side note. The guy my dad knows at Lexus used to work at Winkle Pontiac GMC & Hummer, which was where I got my first job (of course my dad worked there at the time also, so he "got" me the job) At Winkle I was the filing clerk and was stuck in this little tiny room, smaller than most kitchens, with files stacked up the the ceiling. It was so boring so I roamed the dealership quite a bit... Jesse, my dad's friend, joked around with me a bit and made my filing job a bit more bearable, so I was grateful when I found out that he was who was helping us.
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