Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is this really who I married????

A few weeks ago Matt looked like this:
Then after Eliza's first week of church, Matt looked like this:
Soon it (the beard) grew to this:
He even went out in public when it looked like this:

But now it looks like this:

ha ha what a funny guy!

(don't worry he hasn't lost his way, and is now clean shaven)


Keeler Klan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT! The best is that you are posting at like 3am. :) Silly Matt. Gotta love these guys!

Trevor & Heidi said...

So, you didn't know that matt was a dork when you married him?!?! haha. I'm glad to know it's clean shaven now :)

thinkHP said...

bahahahahah loves it

Willingham"s said...

much better lookin clean shaven matt!

lakeelers said...

Can't wait to see you again in person clean shaven. The one picture of the shaped up beard where you are turned sideways looks like Les Keeler a bit I think.
Love you tons Mom

pdsuwrati said...

Why why why would you do that!! So glad you came to your senses!!

Don't listen to her, it was quite manly. Soon you'll be out wrestling mountain lions!