Wednesday, November 4, 2009

G & G Keeler Came to Visit

A few weekends ago Matt's parents came to visit and to see Eliza for the first time (in person)! It was so much fun having them here, I just wish Matt didn't have to work so much! We didn't do anything amazing but on Saturday Linda and I went to my cousin's cheerleading competition while Matt & Al went to look at cars and eat at Arby's. On Saturday night we went to our Ward Harvest Part, where we won 1st place in the chili cook off. And on Sunday we went to my parents house for some tri-tip and the World Series.

Here are a few pics:
Ellie wanted to be lovey dovey with Grandma but she wasn't having it! Ellie sure enjoyed Grandpa though... thanks for Pinky! Grandma was so excited to hold Eliza while she was here, too bad Eliza slept almost the entire time :)
Here is Eliza after the Harvest Party... doesn't she look so ADORABLE!?!?!
Grandma holding Eliza while she is sleeping.
This is at my parents house after dinner and watching the game. Eliza is sleeping AGAIN!
I made my delicious brownie bites and dyed them orange to look a little like pumpkins. The chocolate topping was courtesy of Matt :)

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Lois said...

Looks like everyone had fun getting to know each other. Glad you had a great time!!

Willingham"s said...

MATT you look just like your mother! eliza is getting so big, she is a cutie!

goldmania said...

Fun pics. Congrats on getting you're new car! How exciting. I love the pic of Matt's mom glaring at the dog and the smiling at the baby. ha ha classic.