Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Casey!

My brother Casey is in the ARMY and left for Baghdad about a month ago.

We never thought he would actually leave though... and this is a funny story :)

He came home for Christmas for about 2 weeks and then went back to Ft. Lewis in WA state. He told us that he would be back for 60 days (or so, I can't really remember) before he got deployed. A few months later he was home and only got to stay for a few days. We had a family party and said our goodbyes and all teared up a bit because we weren't going to see him for a whole year!

To our surprise, a few weeks later he arrived in Reno... So then we all went back to the airport again to say our final goodbyes. Matt & I teased Casey and told him that this was the last time we were going to the airport to say goodbye, even if he did come back again (which we didn't think he would of course.) But then a few weeks later, I received a text that he was coming back AGAIN! Jokes on us I guess because after the weekend was over, we of course headed back to the airport! My parents even got to fly to Boise to meet Casey 2 weeks later... I guess he just MISSED US SOOO MUCH that he KEPT COMING BACK! ha ha..

Casey is now in Baghdadg and we miss him a lot but he seems to be doing well!

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Heidi Sorensen said...

I love how Matt is wearing his "Nutier than a Fruitcake" shirt to your family goodbye. That is hilarious. You crack me up, Matt!