Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our VERY FIRST baby purchases

A few weeks ago I went to Old Navy (ON) with my mom & sister and we all know how dangerous ON can be if you actually find stuff that you like. If you are me or are like me, you only find stuff to buy at ON once every 4 months or so... well that changes if you are having a BABY! They have some of the cutest baby clothes EVER. A few months ago I went to a shower for my friend Lisa and I got her the cutest little sweat outfit from there. Guess what?!?!?! When I went to ON a few weeks ago that same outfit was... ON SALE! So I bought the little sweatshirt and my mom bought the pants and two onesies for our sweet little baby-to-be.
Check it out:
When I was taking these pics Ellie seemed starved for attention, so I took this cute little pic of her.
A week after my mom & I bought the Old Navy outfit Matt & I went to Kohls. We went to look for a spring/summer sign to hang by our front door so we walked straight back to the decor section. After about 5 seconds of looking, Matt was nowhere to be found. Then all of a sudden he showed up with this frame! He was so excited he said that we HAD to get it. He explained that it was hand stitched and on sale from $24.99 to $4.99. Then he told me that we could put a picture of us so that our baby could look at it while in her crib and know that we love her.

How could you say no to that explanation? ha ha. I have to say it was very cute to see Matt so excited.


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Heidi Sorensen said...

Awe Matt... that is the cutest thing!!! It's so fun buying cute baby clothes. How exciting for you guys!

lakeelers said...

Love you two you are sooo way cute!!!

Eric and Sara said...

Buying baby things is so fun!! You are going to have a darling little baby girl!!