Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kelsey's BABY Shower

On April 18th, my mom, aunt Trina, and I hosted KELSEY'S BABY SHOWER! There was great people, delicious food, wonderful gifts, mouth-watering cake, and of course lots and lots of baby gifts. The following are a few pics of the AMAZING event:
Yummy! We had enchiladas, 7 layer bean dip, California rolls and a variety of other things.

From left to right: Cousin Andy, Great Aunt Sylvia, Great Aunt Louise, Grandma Hawley, & Aunt Trina

From left to right: Molly, Kelsey, Crystal, Crystal's mom, Mishawn, Shelia
From left to right: Kate's mom, Kate, Debbie, Colleen, Colleen, Julie, Heidi, Mallory
Check out this SWEET cake... Mallory Grover made it. You can check out her creations at:
Kelsey also wanted to play 100 hundred different games but we made her narrow it down a bit. One game we played was guess what candy bar is in the diaper. This game is hilarious to watch because people are sticking their nose in what looks like a poopy diaper (as seen above:) We also played how many M&M's are in the baby bottle, present bingo, and each person wrote advice for Kels.
Here are just a few gifts that the mom & dad -to-be received!

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Heidi Sorensen said...

That cake is unbelivable!