Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandpa Baglin's 79th Birthday

Last week was my Grandpa Baglin's 79th birthday. Can you believe that, 79 years old? And he still looks and acts as young as he did 15 years ago (that's as far back as I can really remember him.) So tonight we took him and Shelia to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. My grandpa loves steak and had never been to Texas Roadhouse so we thought we would give it a try. Most of us ordered the beloved sirloin steak (it is soo delicious!) and we had a good time chatting. I told my grandpa that we were going to get him an iPod for his birthday but then we decided not it. He said "Thank goodness, I don't need any of that technology crap!" He is pretty funny. My family got him a computer and the internet 2 Christmas' ago and he still can't figure it out! He did have a good computer moment the other day though and had to tell us a story. He told us that he got a letter in the mail saying that he could get $25,000 by calling a number. So of course he called the number and found out that he only had 31 hours left to redeem his prize but it would cost him $59. So he jumped on the internet and looked up the company name... to his surprise it was a SCAM. (We all knew that it was a scam as soon as he said he could get $25,000 by just calling a number.) It was pretty funny to see how excited he was about his increasing internet knowledge :)

Grandpa & Shelia
Marcus & Kelsey
Dad & Mom

Because it was Grandpa's birthday we had to secretly tell the waitress, you know to get the free dessert! I also know that at Texas Roadhouse if it is your birthday then they bring out this mounted horse saddle and the birthday boy/girl has to sit on it while the waitress yells out their name and age and everyone in the restaurant gives a big "YEEE-HAA"! So after we ate our main course a few lady waitresses came out with the mounted saddle and man was it hilarious to see my grandpa mount that saddle BACKWARDS.. yes that is right, he got on backwards. We were all laughing hysterically as we yelled "turn around, turn around." Finally he got the hint after the waitress showed him how to sit on it properly. (She told him it was okay to sit side saddle even.) To finish it off it was so great to see the gigantic grin on my grandpa's face as we all yelled out "YeeHaa"!
Happy Birthday Henry!!


thinkHP said...

FUN!!!!!! Kendall your hair is getting so long!!!!!!!!! PRETTY!!!

Heidi Sorensen said...

That is so hilarious! I love how your grandpa got on the horse back ward. I would have been rolling!

Diana said...

I totally miss Texas Roadhouse. I loved it there!! I am so glad you had a great time. Your grandpa is one funny cowboy!