Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seasons Are Changing

Dressing Up for Halloween!
At work we were encouraged to dress up and decorate our cubicles. Employees were even able to bring their children for an hour of Trick-or-Treating. It was so much fun to see all of the cute kids in their costumes and to hand out candy.

I dressed up in my one piece pajamas with a bum flap... people asked what I was and I was kind of a baby I guess but I was really just myself about 20 years ago. It was fun to be in my PJ's all day.

Matt of course doesn't really enjoy the whole "dress-up thing" and was himself for Halloween!
After work Matt & I had one trick-or-treater at 5:45 and because we only have 5 pieces of candy in the house we decided to turn out all the lights and pretend that we weren't home. It was weird trying to get ready in complete darkness but we hurried and then we met my parents at Ruby River for dinner.

We hope you had a very Happy Halloween!

Carving Pumpkins!
We got our pumpkins a few weeks ago at Apple Hill and a few days before Halloween we carved them. I have to admit that carving pumpkins makes you feel like a kid again. It totally brought back memories of my dad helping me cut the top open because I wasn't strong enough and trying to brainstorm the best idea for a pumpkin face. Every year I have thought about doing a cool design but have never been able to because I feel bad if I don't give the pumpkin a face. This year I gave in once again. Matt did the cool skull and cross bones though...

The GUTS are so GROSS!

I used a pattern and wasn't very happy with how the face looked on my pumpkin, but at least he had a face!!

Saying Goodbye to the Wallace's!
Matt's sister and her family moved to Dallas last week and we were all very sad to see them go. A family from their ward threw them a going away party, so of course I took some pictures. It was a great way to say goodbye.

Matt and I chilled in the kitchen for a while talking with friends.

The kids had fun eating treats and making bead art.

Aaron, Paula, Megan, Jessica, Austin, Jocelyn & Sierra we miss you already and hope you are having fun in your new home.


David, Heidi, Alex and Kennedy said...

Dressing up in pajamas is a genius idea. You get to be comfortable all day long. Matt will get into Halloween eventually. How could you not?

Heidi said...

MY SISTER LIVES IN DALLAS (Allen, actually) but if she needs a pal... we should send my sister her way!!

Pumpkin carving looked awesome, nicely done matt. the pumpkin stuff makes my arms itch... bleh.

Kendall... for halloween that wasn't you 20 years ago, that was you in June :) bahahahah

Heidi said...

wait... what month did you get married... for heavens sakes i suck with dates.

Heidi said...

ok nevermind. i was right the first time.

phew. i felt old for a second.


Eric and Sara said...

Glad to see you getting good use out of those pj's:)