Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family Trip to Lahonton & Virginia City

A few weekends ago my brother came home so we took a little family trip. First we drove to Lahonton to see how little water there was, since we only ever have been in the summer. It was kind of chilly and so cool to walk where we usually water ski!
This is taken where the water would be if it were summer.
My bro, Casey and Mom
This is kind of a cool picture, but it looks like Matt is peeing in the lake. ha ha
My Parents.
Matt & myself. As you have noticed there aren't any pics of Kelsey at Lahonton, this is because she stayed in the car shivering the entire time!
Virginia City. There were so many cars but didn't seem to be that many people. We ate at this little casino restaurant and we think all the food was purchased from WalMart, it was kind of weird. We walked up and down the street and went into most of the shops. I can't believe people actually buy things there anymore, it's all weird stuff. There isn't anything cool like when I was younger and my grandma bought me glass blown tulips! We did get some delicious fudge from Grandmother's Fudge though.
My sis & my bro entered the camel races in Virginia City.
So did my parents

But Matt & I won!


Heidi Sorensen said...

Fun trip. It really DOES look like Matt is peeing in the water!

Heidi said...

kelsey's such a whimp. jk lol