Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joe and Megan's Addition

On our way to Whitney and Todd's reception (see post below) Matt & I had some time, so we stopped by to see Megan and Joe in Roseville.

On October 28, 2008 little Natalia was welcomed into their family and I was so excited to get to see her. She is absolutely adorable! It was great to catch up with Meg & Joe, especially since I haven't seen Megan since we got married, and to see the beautiful house they are renting.
Megan and Joe with their daughters, Isabella and Natalia
Sweet baby Natalia slept the entire time, aren't they good when their newborns!

Isabella is now a big sister, I wasn't really able to ask her how she felt about it because she was kind of shy the entire time we were there until I took this picture of her. She is so cute and you can tell she's had practice getting her picture taken :)

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Heidi said...

no fair!! i wish i could've gone!!! POST ABOUT ELLIE! I NEED TO SEE MORE PICS!!!