Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In my free time

I hope you like my new creation designed with Photoshop Elements!! I am taking a two day class next month so hopefully I will learn a bunch of new things and get some new digi paper too.


Danila said...

The page looks great! How awesome to take a class I would love to take one of these as well, where are you taking the class at?

Diana said...

Those pages look awesome! Do you just print them out after and put them in a book or do they stay on the computer? I tried my hand at something like that using Photobucket but I didn't really stick with it. Anyways I hope you guys had an awesome holiday! I miss you and think of you often too! If I get a raise and make enough money to pay rent each month I will continue saving for my Visit Kendall Fund! I really would love to come and play!!