Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back Blog: Matt & Kendall's 1st Christmas

So I know Christmas was over a month ago but I never posted pics! So here you are: Matt & Kendall's 1st Christmas

Oh how sweet :)
Our new addition, Ellie in her cute dress.
Kelsey & Casey along with the dogs, Riley & Paco
Casey, Kelsey, Kylie, Me and Matt
Grandpa Baglin, Shelia, Kylie, Annon and Annon's bf
My parents

The following two were probably the funniest moments of the night!
What is he doing exactly? Show off those shorts Matt :)

And Casey must have gotten something pretty sexy from Victory Secret- j/k

Ooooh the boots I wanted that my mom said were sold out!
Grandpa was so happy with his gifts
Christmas Morning (Beware, we don't look very pretty in the morning :)

Little Ellie was sooo tired.
My new paper cutter - Thanks Mom & Dad Keeler
A carpet cleaner for when Ellie doesn't make it all the way to her potty pad.
I love this pic of me and my grandma...
My grandpa being silly, I guess he is always a gift to grandma
Me, Treen and Kels
Matt & Ellie were sooo sleepy
But then again so was grandpa and the other dogs.

To see more Christmas pics click here.


Diana said...

How fun! It looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas.

lakeelers said...

I really like the picture of You and Matt by the Christmas tree. I have lots of pictures of Matt sleeping it is pretty natural looking. Love ya Mom