Tuesday, April 29, 2008

{The Photographer}

Many of you know that a wedding would not be complete without the PERFECT photographer! Now I'm a little more high maintenance and wanted a "photojournalist," a photographer that tells a story with their pictures.

So I went out on a quest for the PERFECT photographer! I started with those who were local...many were booked. Found a list of vendors on the website of A Brides Dream Come True, which is where I got my dress (In Sacramento), even those were booked...finally a lady from the list recommended this amazing photojournalist that was just starting out and exactly what I was looking for! I was so jazzed, I crossed my fingers in hope that they weren't already booked. I went to their website, Now to Eternity.com and submitted a info request...and ta da reserved Sean an OUTSTANDING photographer for June 21st.

Sean and his Creative Director Sean live in Eldorado Hills, CA so Matt & I got to take our pics there...oooh so beautiful and green! We should have pics coming soon...so stay tuned and check out their website!

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