Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 Amazing Facts about Kendall & Matt

1.  When Matt graduated from High School Kendall was 10.
2.  Both Kendall and Matt love Sequence, Ultimate Frisbee, and Ice Cream
3.  Kendall knew she was going to marry a boy named Matt when she was 14.
4.  They both graduated from college with a degree in Business Management.
5.  Kendall and Matt met each other for the 1st time almost 3 years ago at a Ward Barbecue.
6.  Matt has cooked for Kendall more times then he can count,  Kendall has cooked for Matt 1 time. 
7.  Kendall refuses to read a book if its been made into a movie.
8. Matt's gamertag on Xbox Live means number 1 uncle.
9. Kendall has 3 cousins and Matt has 22.
10.  Matt proposed to Kendall 51 days after their first date. 


Megan said...

Hey Guys, it looks like your text is the same color as your background...however, I love all your facts, I just had to highlight them to see them :) Plus, I am sitll waiting on all the wedding details, I am so stoked :) We will be there in like a week and a half! YAY!

Diana said...

Congrats again! Kendall this blog is sooo cute. What a great idea. Your dress is super pretty and I love the bottom part. It is almost just like mine. My visiting teacher told me I looked like a wedding cake with my dress but yours is so....elegant. I needed a word that really describes it. The beading is beautiful and I am just so so so excited for the both of you!!! Really marriage is the best!

Megan said...

I've known Matt my whole life but I am totally excited to be able to call Kendall my aunt!!:) I think your guys' facts are really cool and interesting!! I think the fact that Kendall knew she was going to marry a guy named Matt at 14 is amazing!!! I wonder if I will get any inspiration soon! :D <3 u guys!

albert said...

I love it all as I love you kids. It was great to have you in our home Kendall and so wonderful to see Matt so happy. We love it Mom Lindaszojpz