Thursday, May 8, 2008

{Our Story}

Many of you may wonder just how Matt & I met and hooked up quick enough to get engaged 51 days after our first I will tell you :)

About 3 years ago Matt & I met at a Singles Ward BBQ. He was the first guy I saw when I got there and after observing him for about 5 mins I had decided I could marry him...weird huh, well here's the story.

When I was 14 my aunt and uncle were sealed in the Reno Temple, while I was waiting outside I saw this very cute boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a football build. I decided he was my "soul mate" and I was going to marry him even though I had never met him and was too scared to talk to him. A few months passed and it was time for my 4th Year Hike at Girls Camp. While I was braiding my friends hair a thought came to me....I'm going to marry a boy named Matt! So of course I told all of my friends and we decided to name the boy at the Temple, Matt Temple. Eventually all of my friends came up with a "Temple" name, the name of the boy they were going to marry. So far 3 out of the 5 are married and no one has married their "Temple" name. And now I am!

So I knew I could marry Matt...but he didn't talk to me and I was going back to BYU-Idaho a few weeks later. Between semesters I would see Matt but we were each dating other people, until I came back from doing an internship in Palmyra, NY. We met again at a Ward game night...I wore this sweet shirt dress (ask Matt about that one) and he invited me to see a movie the next day...then FHE...then dinner...then a date...then a ring...then marriage! So you see we were meant to be!

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