Monday, February 15, 2010

A trip to Sacramento for Softball

Eliza and I went on a quick trip with my mom and Savannah to watch my sister play in some softball games. I believe it was Eliza's first night away from her dad EVER but we had a lot of fun. Here are some quick pictures.

Hanging out at the ballpark.

Eliza is a very noisy sleeper and we were afraid that she was going to keep us awake all night in the hotel so we decided to set up her crib in the furthest corner from the beds. The funny thing is I didn't even hear her once!

Sorry about these last two but I just couldn't resist. On Saturday Matt and my dad drove up to watch the games with us. Eliza had a major blow out that went all over her outfit and the only thing we had to lay on the ground (that could get dirty) was newspaper. Matt wiped Eliza down with the wipes and wen he lifted her up so I could clean her back this was the view we got! The newspaper had actually transferred itself to her bum! It was quite hilarious.

We had a great trip though. It was a little hard nursing at the open and very public softball fields but we managed.

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