Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quite a fun time!

Doesn't it stink that it takes pictures so long to upload on to Blogger?? I think so! Because of that reason below is a link to my Facebook album capturing events of this summer.

We have definitely had a fun summer. We started off with my birthday in May. Then we went on a week long trip to Utah over Memorial weekend to visit family. In June our niece Savannah Leigh Hawley-Nino was born and of course the Rodeo was in town! At the end of June our other niece Ariana Wright was born and we were able to make a trip to Texas for her blessing in July. On the 11th of July we celebrated my brother's birthday over Skype, and on the 24th we celebrated my mom's birthday at the park! Our dog threw in some sparks while eating our lamp cord (a few times even) and in August we went to Lake Lahonton to celebrate Matt's 33rd birthday. Also, in August my great friends and my mom and sis threw me a baby shower and later in the month we celebrated my Grandpa Hawley & my Dad's birthdays.

Along the way my pregnancy has been progressing nicely and I'm finally looking like I'm pregnant at 36 weeks.

Here are a few pics to highlight!

My 24th Birthday.
Visiting Alan & Annette's family in American Fork, UT.
With my grandma and aunt Trina at Fish Lake during the my family reunion. My dad was there too, he's the one taking the picture!
Matt with Noah, Dallin & Mia at Zions.
Me with our new niece, Savannah Leigh Hawley-Nino.
Family picture in Austin for Ariana's baby blessing.
Baby Ariana sleeping.
Matt & his brother-in-law Aaron at Six Flags Water Park in Dallas.
My mom's birthday party.
Ellie after she ate our lamp cord.... isn't she cute and so innocent looking.
Singing for Matt's 33rd birthday at Lake Lahonton... yes that is cheesecake!
At my baby shower.
My dad's birthday... getting ready to blow out the candles on my grandma's specialty, German Chocolate cake. Yumm Yummm good!

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