Sunday, September 13, 2009

Latest Ultrasound Pics of our Baby Girl - 32 Weeks

At 32 weeks we were able to go in for another ultrasound to see what our little baby girl is going to look like! We were so excited because we weren't REALLY supposed to go for an ultrasound but since my mom knows the doctor that owns the imaging center we were able to go in for some 3D pics. Thanks mom! It really pays off to know someone "in the businesses"! ha ha. We even had our favorite ultrasound tech, Tiana, do the exam. She was able to show up all of the organs and even how the baby's little lungs were working so well already. Tiana was also able to get some amazing close up pics... finally she looks like a real human baby instead of a little alien! Only a few more weeks now until we get to see her in person.

Again, since pictures take so long to upload I have included a link to our Facebook album for more pics... Click here to see entire album!

A good profile view. Also it's important that the nasal bone looks good because it could be a sign of down syndrome if it's not the right size/shape.
She has some large feet for such a little girl :)
Good spine.
What a cutie with her scrunched up nose.
Here she has her eyes open and her tongue out... technology is so amazing!
An adorable little smile!


Eric and Sara said...

She is going to be darling I am sure!

Jen Johnson said...

That is so neat Kendall! I wish I had been able to do the 3d ultra sound! That's so fun. She is a cutie!

Lois said...

Those are so amazing. Any names yet?? 4 weeks to go -- good luck.

Darin and Janelle said...

She is a cutie. She looks so scruched in there!

The Perkins said...

What a special moment...
Very soon you guys will be able to hold that little girl. Isn't amazing?
Good luck to you both.