Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picture Update

A couple of weeks ago we went to Texas for the blessing of our niece Ariana. Here is a couple of pictures of our vacation.
Matt and Kendall and the rest of the Keeler Clan

Matt's Parents, his sister Shiree and her new baby Ariana
This is our new niece Ariana
Matt going down one of the slides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Matt and Aaron at Six Flags

Matt with his niece Sierra

Kendall with Sierra


Freeman Family said...

There are so many new babies in your family!! Matt was really sweet holding your sisters baby, (maybe your sister not sure)! Shiree's baby is really cute!! You look amazing!! I can't wait to see your baby!!

Heidi Sorensen said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun trip! I would DIE going down that HUGE waterslide!!!

Diana said...

Holy Cowboy! That is one huge mother slide. Only the brave can conquer that thing. Hope you are doing great!