Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ellies's Latest Victim

We love our little dog Ellie more than we should but sometimes she can be a terror. She likes to chew random things. She has already chewed through my computer cord, lots of clothes, shoes and some of our furniture. When I got home today this is what I encountered.

That is right. She decided that our lamp cord would be a tasty treat.

Here she is acting all innocent. Don't let her looks fool you she is definitely not innocent.

Luckily enough back when dinosaurs roamed I obtained a merit badge in Electricity.(I think that is what they call the badge.) I think I did a pretty good job fixing it. It might now look pretty but it works.


philandlisa said...

Haha, poor guys! I guess that's normal with a little dog. I'll just say, cats don't do that ;) BUT they do claw your carpet and couch! The things we put up with for the animals we love.

Kirtsdeman said...

good on you matt.

Diana said...

What a demon! I will never understand how little small cute animals can be so disastrous to the home kitties on the other hand are much more passive....hahaha!
Hope you are doing well!!!

The Johnson Family said...

She looks so innocent! Just like our little puppy, except I'm sure he is the devil!!! All Nigel does is chase Brayden and nip at his feet. They sure are lucky they're so cute!

pdsuwrati said...

My question is, doesn't she ever get shocked?! I'm impressed with your skills Matt, way to go!