Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's the big deal about music on blogs??

Having music on your blog used to be one of the biggest things since New Kids On The Block... then all of a sudden someone deemed blog music annoying. Now almost no one has music on their blog. Of course trying to follow the trends, when I created my new blog I didn't add a music player and I totally agreed with how ANNOYING music was on people's blogs.

I think I felt this way because some people have music that you just don't want to listen to. Some people have the Mo Tab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and that can be annoying if you're not in the mood. Some people have crazy loud "annoying" music that can be annoying if you're not in the mood.

My question is...
Why should blog owners care what mood YOU are in???

Now you may find that this is a conclusion that I all of a sudden jumped to! But I assure you it is NOT! See I've been trying to design some new blog headers and then trying to match them with coordinating background paper, to do this I have used my old blog: and as I've been viewing my changes my old music player plays it's old familiar tunes that I put on there about a year and a half ago. It brought back so many memories and I actually try to have that page up while I'm blog hopping and stalking peeps on Facebook. It has brought so much JOY (yes, I just used a word that is seen as having eternal meaning, unlike fun or happy, to explain my blog music.)

Now just because I have made this mind blowing breakthrough doesn't mean that I am going to add music to my blog, but I might. And if for some reason you aren't in the MOOD for my music choice than hopefully you have memorized where the mute button is on your computer :)

I applaud all those that have decided to keep music players or to put music players on their blogs, despite the trend! You are my heros (lol)!


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Mmmmmm....To add music or not to add music?