Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eliza is 5 Months Old

(I know I'm behind... better late than never!)

Just a few things about Eliza at 5 months.
-She is STARTING to sit by herself.
-She still HATES tummy time. 
-She is so so so smiley.
-Loves to look at herself in the mirror.
-Kicks her feet like a motor in the bath.
-She is starting to like her exesaucer more.
-Always has her hands in her mouth.
-Drools so much her bib is now a constant accessory.
-She tries to pet our doggy but Ellie isn't too sure about her.
-She doesn't like rice cereal too much but started with veggies and really likes green beans (just like her dad!)
-Eliza is still adorable and most of the time is a PERFECT baby! We couldn't ask for better, that's for sure!

Eliza's stats are as follows:
Head Circumference:

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