Thursday, December 10, 2009

A love note for my Jeep <3

Right before Thanksgiving I put my Jeep up for sale on Craigslist and my dad also parked it on the side of his shop up on Pumb and Lakeside. Matt and I were expecting to get $1,000 out of it and would be excited if we even got that much, but after my dad did some research we decided to list it for $1,800.  Did you know on Craigslist you can't find a car for under $2,000! Crazy... there were 1989 vehicles for sale for $2,000 or more. Who would pay that?!?!?!

Well we got a few hits from Craigslist pretty quickly and one girl wanted to make payments... which really showed us how much people are hurting for money right now. Usually if someone wants to buy a car they at least have $1,500 in cash for one, but not in this economy. But two days after posting it and the day after my dad put the FOR SALE sign on it a guy walked into my dad shop and asked if there was anything wrong with the car. My dad said it needed new tires but that was it. They guy said he'd take it for $1,700. He didn't even test drive it... he just said he'd be back at 5 o'clock with cash and he'd take it!!!

We couldn't have asked for anything better! My dad called me right away and was ecstatic! He's always been a good salesman. Thanks dad!!

So later that night I said goodbye to Ruby. (that's my jeep's name.)  I didn't shed tears but it was sad.

Here's Ruby for the last time!

Dear Ruby,

You have been an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING car! From the moment I laid eyes on you in Carson City I knew you had to be mine.  Then again when my dad and grandpa arrived in Rexburg with you on the car trailer I knew we were meant to be together!  You kept me safe year after year in the cold, icy, frozen weather. You made SPLENDID donuts in the snow. You still managed to look smokin' hott with a broken tail light. Your rear window proved to be very durable even when it fell out and landed on the street at the four way stop. Your seats folded down to make a great bed for watching movies at the drive ins. Your radio made for great "in car" concerts while driving to the mall in Idaho Falls and for making up songs driving back from SLC. You were the vehicle of choice when driving to my best friend's weddings and you always managed to fit all of my groceries... and roommates! Even though you broke down 18 miles out of Jackpot, Nevada (with a stranger riding in the backseat) and we had to call a tow truck, which led us to getting escorted out of a casino for loitering, and sleeping in the backseat for a few hours until we moved to a strange hotel while we waited for my dad and grandpa to drive for six hours to get us... you are still wonderful... and I love you... even with a dented door (compliments of Casey's foot) and a squeaking noise coming from the engine.

Now you have a new good home and are going to make someone else very happy.  I will miss you and the fun times we had but I will always remember the memories we made together... Now be a good car and hopefully I'll see you around.

Love, Your old driver :)


Darin and Janelle said...

Oh there are many good memories with your 'ol Jeep. I will miss it as well. :)

Diana said...

I felt the same with my darned old Ally Altima when it got stolen...I said goodbye forever and parted with bitter tears. Then it was returned four months later and Gray drives it now. But it is not the same. I can't look at Ally without being filled with terror(I mean I was ROBBED!) so our love/hate relationship is now just a smile at a stranger relationship. Good friends(cars) are hard to find. Happy trails Jeep!