Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Desire...

So lately I haven't had any desire to blog... Just yesterday the following convo went on between Matt & myself:

Matt: Have you updated our blog?

Kendall: No

Matt: Has anyone else updated their blog?

Kendall: No

Matt: Oh

Kendall: Why don't you update our blog?

Matt: Umm that's ok.

I don't think that Matt should be ALLOWED to ask if I'VE updated the blog, when he has only ever written one post (which of course I had to correct after).

Men... they want things to happen but won't do anything about it!!

PS: I was hoping this might inspire Matt, but then I rethought my hope and decided that there isn't a chance!


Heidi Sorensen said...

That is such a man thing. David asked me why I haven't been doing the blog lately a few days ago. I'm like, we'll the invitations open for you as well. Thank goodness we love them so much!

goldmania said...

That's funny. I haven't done mine for a while either. Some times ya just get out of funk for a while. he can do it. :) Tell him you're creating life inside you! JK Hope ya'll are doing good.

lakeelers said...

You are right on that is exactly what happens here. Not about the blog but about emailing. It must be a guy thing not just a Keeler guy thing.