Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Reno Rodeo

The week after our wedding was the last weekend of the RENO RODEO... which of course we can't miss!

My mom and I love going to the Rodeo and try to go at least twice during the rodeo week. It's so much fun because even those that claim to hate everything country try to be cowboys/girls just for the week. This year we were only able to go once because it was sold out the first time we tried to go... but the night we went was FINALS night... it can't get better than that!
The smells are amazing.... the food is incredible... and the rodeo-ing is out of this world!


Maura said...

Yeah for the Rodeo. Your love of the rodeo is similar to our love of the Utah State Fair. My favs are the glorious food, the hypnotist, random local bands, little baby animals and the homemade quilts!

Heidi said...

YEEEHAW I MISS THE RENO RODEO!!!! richest and wildest rodeo in the west BABY!!!!

Heidi said...

makes me miss the west :)